Domain entrepreneur Bruce Marler moves on to greener pastures

Unlike Chef Patrick, Bruce Marler can actually cook - a domainer that keeps on giving

Domain investor, developer and blogger, Bruce Marler, is moving on to greener – as in, more profitable – pastures.

The founder of LocalTek – a Farmington, Missouri corporation that “provides cost effective local business marketing, local seo, social media marketing and website solutions for a variety of business types throughout the United States” – is now employed by ThruPoint corporation as Senior Technical Marketing Engineer.

ThruPoint is “a leading provider of award winning communications products to the Global 2000 and Carrier marketplace” – as seen at

At LocalTek, Bruce Marler created – a community network about Missouri where local advertisers can be promoted more effectively.

Bruce has also partnered with the Castello Brothers to promote select wineries via the top tier domain name,

Congratulations to Bruce for his newly assigned position at ThruPoint and hopefully he will continue to blog about domain names and the local business in Missouri 😀

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2 Responses to “Domain entrepreneur Bruce Marler moves on to greener pastures”
  1. Bruce Marler says:

    Thanks for the congrats!!!

    I am still in domains and LocalTek and are still going strong with many new customers coming on every month. Sometimes though people come calling and its hard not to listen to a great opportunity.

    So, yes I will still be blogging and involved just like before:)

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