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Elertify : 17 year old coder creates top-notch business domain generator!


Elertify – a great business domain generator.

For businesses looking to create a brand, the task of coming up with a meaningful name that is available as a dot .com, can be daunting.

The process of generating domain names from keywords in order to produce a brandable composite, can be a hit or miss.

Justin Leung, a 17 year old programmer from Canada, created Elertify to assist companies find their dream name and matching domain – for free.

Indeed, the output of Elertify.com beats commercial products that exist in the market; we reached out to Justin for some information on his project.

DomainGang: Justin, tell us a little bit about your background.

Justin / Elertify : I’m a 17 year old coder living in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I’ve been coding for around 3 years now (When I was 14 years old), and I have a 8 year background in film & video / arts.

I started buying Domains around a year ago just for myself, then started parking some domains just to possibly flip in the future.

As I love the idea of investing but didn’t have the funds to actually buy stocks, I turned to what I was comfortable with and started buying domains. This year I enrolled in a High-school stock investment program/game, and held first place in the game for over 2 weeks earning over $300,000 CAD.

Back to the coding aspect, I started coding 3 years ago as a side hobby. After a few years of practice and small jobs I began developing for my whole school district. This year alone during my school year I vested around 1000+ hours of volunteer work. Creating around 18 apps/websites for various school programs/district/sport websites.

DomainGang: What made you create a domain name generator for business names?

Justin / Elertify : Finally my school year ended, so I decided to take on a new venture. Around August 1st I set out to develop a Name Generator. I had practiced String Manipulation for over 6 months in one of my classes, and have done many other Text Generated specific projects.

I developed the UI/UX to be dead simple and quick. Putting almost 400+ hours into learning new languages, finding out how to keep consumers on my page, and fixing/developing the quickest platform for checking unused business names. For the names that are being generated, I spent hours upon hours compiling a list of words most commonly used in businesses today. I continue to update this list daily.

DomainGang: How did you come up with the brand name itself – was it the result of a search?

Justin / Elertify :  Originally I was going to build a website based around Website Status alerts, hence the ambiguous name of Elertify. Then I pivoted after some research but I already purchased the domain name and liked it. I also spent lots of time trying to find one and then I came up with the idea of the Business Name Generator to speed up that process.

DomainGang: What are your plans with the generator? Will you keep it free, or create an upgraded version that is subscription based?

Justin / Elertify : I plan to keep the tool completely free forever. I again have the philosophy that I wanted to come into this world to make it a better place. If anyone can access my tool from anywhere I could be helping start businesses or make huge domain trades. I have development plans on upgrading the tool with new features soon that will make the already useful platform even more effective.

DomainGang: What types of domains do you invest in?

Justin / Elertify : I only invest in .com domains as I believe they are the most commonly used. I do want to purchase new gTLD’s soon as there are many new ones popping up all over the place. Love to grab my own part of the web.

DomainGang: What are your personal aspirations for the future ahead as a programmer?

Justin / Elertify : As I finish High-School here in Canada I plan on attending University in Seattle where I will be able to graduate with a Degree or Masters in Computer Science. Then possibly move back to my city of Vancouver, or find a job at a large cooperation and even possibly move down to Silicon Valley and work for a startup.

DomainGang: Impressive! Many thanks for this interview, and best of luck with your studies and future projects, this is one amazing start.

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4 Responses to “Elertify : 17 year old coder creates top-notch business domain generator!”
  1. Rich says:

    Very impressive !
    Well done Justin.

  2. Jen says:

    Pretty cool!

  3. Willox Perez says:

    Great interview indeed! Pretty cool tool as well it seems not only businesses can use it but anyone to generate some ideas. I tried it out and the tool is well made. Pretty amazing to think Justin still just 17 created, he is definitely very wise beyond his years. Thanks for sharing!

    – Will

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