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Hotels.CLUB and huge room discounts : Five plus one questions with owner, George Verdugo


George Verdugo is a domain investor and serial entrepreneur, and co-owner of DNForum with Kevin Faler.

Last year, George Verdugo acquired the premium domain, Hotels.CLUB, with a very specific business plan in mind: to offer heavily discounted hotel bookings.

The new venture went live last week.

We reached out to George to find out more about his new business, which would be of interest to domain investors that travel often.

DomainGang : George, tell us about the acquisition of the domain Hotels.club from the dot .CLUB Registry.

George Verdugo : I acquired Hotels.club last year with the intent to put out a great business concept for the masses and offer the best hotel deals around!

I reached out to .club and they gracefully allowed a payment plan which worked out perfect for me and I got a great deal! Also I want to mention that I had a great plan and business idea was for a membership service that delivered the very best and lowest rates, so Hotels.club was the perfect domain to build on the brand.

George Verdugo, founder of Hotels.CLUB

DomainGang : What does Hotels.club offer to the traveling consumer?

George Verdugo : Hotels.club offers the best deals on unpublished hotel rooms on a global scale. We are connected to over 800,000 properties worldwide and all property reservations booked through our website are “guaranteed to be the lowest rate available.”

If you find a lower rate for the same property, the process is simple:

1.) Submit our Rate Guarantee form within 24hrs of booking in the member “BOOK NOW” area.

2.) Our reservation center will either refund the difference or cancel the reservation without penalty.

Our hotel club is a booking platform that can save you literally hundreds and even thousands a year. It’s all about the “bottom line.” Also this is a great platform for small or large businesses, family vacationers, and it’s perfect for the budget traveler. You will find 1 to 5 star hotels anywhere in the world.

There are also options for Bed & Breakfasts, Extended Stays, Resorts, Motels, Vacation Rentals with the exception of a few counties like Cuba, North Korea, etc. We are currently working on including Cuba to our platform sometime in 2017.

DomainGang : What types of memberships are there and how do they differ?

George Verdugo : Currently we are in our 90 day promotional period in which we are offering super cheap individual memberships starting at $24.99 a month or for an additional discount you can purchase a yearly membership for $199.99.

Also, we are working on putting together corporate packages for both small corporations (25 & under employees) and large corporations (25 plus employees). The corporate packages will be available within 3 months.

All individual memberships will go up at the end of the 90 day promotional period. Hotels.club also offers information regarding cheap flights. Simply click on the tab at the top of our web site for information about both domestic & international flights.

DomainGang : Can you give us some examples of hotel cost savings using the Hotels.club membership?

George Verdugo : I have already received testimonials in which some of my customers have saved anywhere from 10% to 75% with their first booking. I can testify to rates as low as $15.00 a night in Cancun, Mexico to $20.00 a night in Orlando, Florida.

Believe me when I say, “Hotels.club will save you real money!”

Colin Campbell CEO of Get.Club and Norman Farrar CEO of Soap.club used Hotels.club to book 2 rooms in Iowa last week and they saved $280 dollars for 1 night stay and that literally paid for his membership for 2 years on their first booking!

NO GAMES – NO GIMMICKS – NO BONUS REWARD PROGRAMS…just the BEST Hotel Rates on the Planet. We have a Low Rate Guarantee!! “JOIN THE CLUB” its up to you whether you want to go budget or luxury either way you are going to save!

DomainGang : How do you plan to promote the services of Hotels.club ?

George Verdugo : Currently I am talking to major influencers & top affiliate guys for direction with marketing ideas. My first step will be to do a press release in a few months along with ads on social media outlets such as Facebook & then transitioning to local guerilla marketing. Also, word of mouth by members of Hotels.club and my domainer friends around the world will aide in promoting as people love to talk about how much they saved on their vacations or business trips.

DomainGang : Where do you foresee Hotels.club to be at in a year from now?

George Verdugo: I foresee Hotels.club having at minimum a 1,000 members by the end of the year – God willing. I foresee it to be a good competitor as we all know hotels are the biggest ticket in travel.

DomainGang : Thank you for sharing all this valuable information, George. Wishing you best of success with Hotels.CLUB and its offers.

To check out the benefits of George Verdugo’s latest business venture, visit Hotels.CLUB.

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One Response to “Hotels.CLUB and huge room discounts : Five plus one questions with owner, George Verdugo”
  1. I have been utterly surprised by the rates. I thought I was smart by going directly to the hotel site, getting points etc…….this is nothing compared to the wholesale, unpublished rates Hotels.club has given me. Some Hotels we save about 10-15% but on at least half, we have saved 50% compared to popular sites and directly on the hotel website.

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