ICM Registry CEO Stuart Lawley fought the conservative US government – and won!

Stuart Lawley, CEO of the ICM Registry.

Stuart Lawley, CEO of the ICM Registry that less than a week ago unleashed the .XXX TLD to the world, is an experienced Internet investor and executive.

Lawley developed and successfully managed a number of UK and US businesses in office technology and the Internet. He served as the Chairman of Oneview.net plc, a British company.

Oneview.net plc – an Internet B2B company – was listed on the London Stock Exchange via an IPO in 1999. At the time of its sale for over $200 million in March 2000, it had grown from inception to over 400 employees in just 15 months and its share price had increased over 500% since IPO.

Lawley retired to the Bahamas as a millionaire at 37 years old, but could not stay put; all the boating, golfing, and fishing was a bit too much for a young entrepreneur.

In 2003, Lawley formed the ICM Registry in order to begin applying for the right to host .XXX.

“Christian conservatives railed against it, Bush was in power, and so ICANN flip-flopped,” Lawley says.

Read a more detailed bio of Stuart Lawley at the Miami New Times.

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