Rick Schwartz hints about Rick.tv forgetting that .com is king

Rick Schwartz gave a 98 minute interview to Domain Sherpa.

Rick Schwartz gives an extensive interview today, over at Domain Sherpa. In Rick’s own words, if you “have 98 minutes to waste” then by all means you should do so.

The interview was apparently shot over Skype, with the Domain King dishing it out about everything and anything.

At his own blog, RicksBlog.com Rick Schwartz hints at Rick.tv being used as the URL for his upcoming blog. In fact, Rick.tv forwards to RicksBlog.com

In doing so, Rick seems to temporarily forget his own notion that .com is king and all other TLDs are “pigeon droppings”.

In fact, Rick.tv would be problematic as RickTV.com appears to be the personal web site of the owner of FunkyFresh and AVT Pro. According to their web site:

AVT Pro is a full service production company with offices in San Jose and Santa Monica, California. You’ve seen our work on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, CNET, G4, HGTV and other networks. Our technology expertise is often featured in trade publications such as Mix, Pro Audio Review and TV Technology magazines.

Then again, let’s not forget that GoDaddy founder Bob Parsons built an extensive and very popular video blog at BobParsons.me – indicating that other TLDs *can* be used to host web sites and domains that become mainstream.

Time will only tell; with TRAFFIC coming up in October, the creative team of Rick Schwartz might be able to roll out Rick.tv just on time for the big event.

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2 Responses to “Rick Schwartz hints about Rick.tv forgetting that .com is king”
  1. BullS says:

    As the KING, he can do practically what he wants and he is the Real KING not like those bogus ones we find in European /Muslim countries.

  2. DDL says:

    Sounds like the king is drunk…

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