Sergei Putanov: In communist Russia, Domain develops you!

Sergei Putanov is a clever businessman, developing Dubai, Florida into a $2.75 billion enterprise.

You’ve probably heard of Sergei Putanov before – if you haven’t, we highly recommend reading our previous coverage of this billionaire investor’s achievements.

In an exclusive interview to DomainGang, Sergei Putanov talks about development, domains and PPC earnings. He also talks about women, vodka and fast cars.

Hello Sergei, a pleasure to have you here today.

Pleasure mine. I talk domains, development and forget not that I develop real land and property. Russian Bear Inevstments, my corporation I built from scratch, very big, very worthy.

Indeed, you’ve turned your life around, from being a fisherman’s son to a billionaire investor and developer. What is your modus operandi with regards to domain names?

Well, I buy only domain I like, even if domain is $500,000 or $2 million dollar. I don’t mind money if domain is good. But people offer bad domain to me and I tell them pffffff, go away idiot. Sometime I have to telephone KGB to threaten idiot domainer.

Sergei, I’m sure in Russia things have changed a lot since the fall of Communism. It is now a capitalist country, correct?

Ha! We have a saying that in Russia, beer drinks you. I say that all the time, time have change and now Russians have jeans and Dior and Dolce & Gabbana, no problem. Money is a lot, people enjoy life and buy expensive car. Other people drink a lot of vodka or expensive champagne.

What about domain names? What is the approach to development versus parking?

Don’t be fool. Some say come let me build you quick store, add affiliate id and boom! Instant money. What lie! I could break the legs of such bad liar domainers. There is no money in fake mini site shit. In mother Russia, domain develops you!

Sergei, what exactly do you mean by that? Domain develops you?

I mean, if domain is long tail piece of shit then forget it. Need keyword, single word, then good. Otherwise you pay from wallet money, like paying a prostitute with no vagina, understand?

I believe so, Sergei. So what would you recommend to our readers?

I tell your reader develop 2-3 domains complete web site business. No parking shit and no mini site. Build business and have a secretary, my secretary she have huge melons. I like. And get a designer good for job.

Thank you for all the tips, Sergei. We will be hearing more from you in the future, I am sure.

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8 Responses to “Sergei Putanov: In communist Russia, Domain develops you!”
  1. BullS says:

    My secretary has bigger melons.

  2. Korey says:

    Sergei is da man!

  3. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    BullS – Please provide photographic evidence.

    Korey – Sergei Putanov is a mean but fair entrepreneur. Domainers can learn a lot from his methodology and strategy.

  4. Steroids UK says:

    that was a joke right, ? no way that was a real interview 🙂

  5. Sergei Putanov says:

    I say in Russia joke become you! Don’t make me call Alexei in KGB, he break both leg.

  6. Say me no joke likes me not.

    Itchy greeko-de-piteko with regards

  7. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Steroids – You’d be surprised about the truths spoken through the mouth of parody 😀

    Sergei – Spasibo, comrade 😀

    El greko – Best gards!

  8. High expertise, bright knowledge in domaining, Real development concept, but if you give some examples of domains acquired to build up in to portals, it will be very useful.

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