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ZFBot Developer creates the first Domainer Concierge application


Ken Greenwood - developer of ZFBot - is an avid guital player!

ZFBot developer Ken Greenwood takes being in tune with his customers to a new level.

The progressive domain app programmer and expert guitar player granted us a rare interview, earlier today.

Ken, thank you for taking a break from your programming. What’s going on with ZFBot?

“I’ve heard loud and clear what the users of ZFBot are looking for in terms of new functionality. And with that input I’ve decided to add voice activated searching to ZFBot, along with an integrated virtual domain concierge for each of the users of the application.”

Ken, this is great news. How do you plan to roll out the new features?

“I understand how tedious it is to do the leg work of researching domains and finding potential buyers so it hit me one day a few years ago. Get a computer to do it for me.  The new ZFBot domain concierges, which each user can name to his or her liking, will listen to the vocalized searches of the domainer directly on the ZFBot web site and will automatically begin to locate and acquire dropping domains.”

A voice-activated robot for domain acquisitions! Fantastic! What happens next?

“Upon acquisition of the dropping domain the concierge will contact perspective customers, based on an extremely sophisticated algorithm. For domainers with existing portfolios of domains – the new ZFBot concierges are already prepared to sell.”

Carmen - the ZFBot Concierge

This is truly some great news that will totally floor those domainers that desire functionality and sassy robots! What is the name of the concierge you’re using?

“Correct. In fact, I was testing out the new concierge functionality today.  I woke up, stretched my legs and said ‘Carmen – sell my domains…’ and within 30 minutes, literally. I had several buyers waiting for Carmen, my ZFBot concierge, to let them in to discuss how much money they were going to pay me for a domain.  It’s that simple.”

I can imagine that such a tool would be a hot commodity for domainers with no selling skills whatsoever and enthusiasts of automation and robotics.

“Domain buying/selling is going to quickly be the largest industry in the world and intelligent virtual concierges that act on behalf of domainers is simply the next logical step. In fact, I’m quite shocked the functionality doesn’t already exist based on the sheer demand for it.”

Ken, once again, thank you for creating the killer domain application of the 21st century! Can’t wait to see the results at ZFBot.com

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