Alert : is a stolen domain name!


Stolen domain:

The domain is now officially stolen, and its owner wants everyone to know he did not put it up for sale.

The domain thief is attempting to circumvent secure domain transaction venues, such as, and is seeking payment for via Bitcoin.

That’s an indication right there for a sketchy deal!

Mr. Gerard Hughes, legitimate owner of, is now preparing to recover the domain via all legal means available.

The theft of appears to have occurred around April 7th; the thief created the email address MANDRITTO@PROTONMAIL.COM with a matching fake profile, and transferred the domain from, to eNom.

Initially, the domain’s owner believed that it was his email that was compromised, not the domain; unfortunately, that isn’t the case.

We will update this post with any developments; many thanks to Paul Haughney of MavenDomains for sharing this information.

Note: A good resource on how to recover your domain if it has been stolen, can be found in this interview of attorney David Weslow, at DomainSherpa.

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