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This is why domain trading is not recommended : Bar.org traded for Kisses.net

Stolen domains often get traded.

Trading domains is not something that domain investors should engage in.

The stolen domain, Bar.org, was traded for Kisses.net, leading to a more complex situation.

If Bar.org, a stolen domain asset, had been sold for money, the loss would have been monetary and depending on the payment method, the funds could be retrievable.

However, when trading domains one of which is a stolen asset, forcing the return of the traded item could prove to be very tricky.

Naturally, the party who traded their domain for a stolen domain, should do the right thing: return the stolen domain; in this case, Bar.org.

At the same time, getting back the traded domain from the hands of the thief, would require filing a complaint at the current registrar. In this case, Kisses.net is at eNom.

Depending on the circumstances and how well-documented the exchange is, the trader who exchanged the domain in good faith, may or may not succeed in getting their domain back.

For now, we will just notify the public that Kisses.net is an asset that was exchanged for a stolen domain, Bar.org, and if Kisses.net is offered for sale, people should know it belongs to someone else.

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3 Responses to “This is why domain trading is not recommended : Bar.org traded for Kisses.net”
  1. Dn Ebook says:

    Always do a google search before such transactions …you never know what may be uncovered

  2. Tim says:

    I’m not sure that I agree.

    Owner of bar.org has his domain stolen. Is it his fault because he clicked a bad link in an email or something, did the registrar gets hacked and it’s their fault, who knows. Owner of kisses.net trades his domain for the stolen domain. And now you recommend the original owner of kisses.net should give bar.org back to the original owner? So in the end the owner of kisses.net, who did nothing wrong, should be the one to lose his investment? I disagree. If owner of bar.org was at fault for letting someone steal the domain then they should take the loss. If registrar was at fault then should take the loss (somehow). I don’t think owner of kisses.net should take a loss ever.

  3. DomainGang says:

    Tim – Are you seriously blaming the victim of the domain theft?

    Yes, I recommend that the trader of stolen goods gives them to their owner, as he can, being in the possession of the stolen asset. The alternative will be to lose the domain via the process that the real owner will initiate regardless. As for the thief, he is left with a domain he traded for stolen goods, which is now marked as such. I would not want to buy a domain that was exchanged for stolen property, would you?

    Moral of the story: don’t trade domains, as there is no monetary exchange that can be disputed by either party.

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