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Domainer Profiles: Nick Rushkovsky of Voodoo.TV

Papa Mwanyazi influenced or scarred Nick for life.

Papa Mwanyazi who influenced and scarred Nick for life.

Welcome back to Domainer Profiles. In our open series, we have shed light on the lives of exceptional domainers, such as Elliot Silver, Frank Schilling and Tia Wood.

This is the true story of Nick Rushkovsky of Voodoo.TV. Some parts, or more, have been altered to protect the innocent.

Due to the nature of supernatural events revealed in this profile, viewer discretion is advised.

My name is Nick Rushkovsky, some of you met me on the forums under the nickname twomoon or Nick.

My path to domaining started a long time ago.

When I was a 5 year old boy,  I went with my parents to the small African country of Benin, where my father was a Russian teacher in the University.

We lived in a small villa in suburbs of Cotonou. Naturally, I was a nice curious boy, and liked to spend time outdoors. One day me and my closest friend, Precious Chidhuku, were playing on the street with dead snakes, chicken legs and other toys. Nothing out of the ordinary.

On the other side of the street was a small house where a guy called Papa Mwanyazi lived.

Papa was not a usual man, people called him a magician. I still shiver when I say his name, it sends goosebumps to my body.

That day us boys saw Papa leaving the house with one little white boy, that we never saw before. The last phrase Papa said to that white boy with funny eyes was “one day they will call you the domain king”.

Anyway when they both went out, me and my friend out of curiosity decided to enter Papa’s house through the open window and to check what was inside!

As we entered the house, it was dark but we saw a strange box in the corner of the room. There was a moving picture, and a head in the box was singing a strange song.

I was so shocked, it was the first time as an boy living thousands of miles away from my beloved USSR seeing a TV.

While I stared at that head in the box, a dog slowly entered the room, but it was not a usual one – the dog had a cat’s head.

Back in the day, us boys didn’t take any drugs, nor weed, or even my dad’s secret stash of premium vodka, and we almost had a heart attack.

Then the scary part began, as the “dog” started to cry something like “vvoooooooooodooooooo, “voooooodooo”… We were scared as hell, pissing our shorts and run away as fast as we could.

I don’t remember how I returned to my parents’ home, the last thing I recall was .TV and that unknown word “voooodoooo”. My mother spanked me for pissing my shorts and I didn’t eat cow butter for a week.

Years passed by, I became a grown up, had a family but sometimes in my dreams I see that last vision from the Papa Mwanyazi’s house.

In 2008 I casually started my domains experience. Two years later, I was surfing the portfolio of one famous domainer and found that the domain Voodoo.Tv was for sale.

It was like I had been struck by lightning!

All of my childhood experience from Africa came back, it was a sign from no other than Papa Mwanyazi himself!

After negotiations I purchased Voodoo.Tv and decided to build a business on it.

That same night I dreamed again that vision from the African house, but it was different: the dog with a cat’s head was smiling and the head in the .TV was now Papa Mwanyazi who was repeating: “Luck, little white kartofel – luck, luck, finally… luck, luck.”

I never understood why Papa Mwanyazi referred to me as “little white potato”, but I decided to build a web site on Voodoo.Tv to sell my domain portfolio.

You are invited to check it out and buy some of my domains –  or I might have a little talk with Papa Mwanyazi and you don’t want to see him in your dreams, trust me…


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Domainer Profiles: Frank Schilling

Frank Schilling sporting Chef Patrick's beard

Is it Friday yet? 🙂

It is – and what a better time to feature the legendary uber-domainer, Frank Schilling, in our “Domainer Profiles” column!

The legendary Canadian with the ever-changing hair styles was born in Germany, but currently resides right next to the warm waters of the Caymans.

After missing the head-start of the 90’s with regards to domain name investing, Frankie more than made up for it in the early 2000’s, when he strategically invested in thousands of quality domains, going after single and two-word generics.

Frank Schilling has always been the ‘quiet force’ in domaining; whereas Rick Schwartz crowned himself king, Frank seems content with being the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in domaining. 😀

Sir Frank Schillington

Second only to Elequa of Future Media Architects with regards to refusing to sell domains, Frank Schilling eventually scored large sales and established Domain Name Sales as a real-time domain stock exchange center, showcasing domain inquiries and their values.

DomainNameSales.com recently dipped below 10,000 in Alexa, an incredible feat for the niche market of domaining.

While Frankie invests mostly in .com and .net domains, he also invested $1.7 million dollars in a portfolio of .XXX domains prior to the ICM Registry launching the adult TLD. Frank does not consider himself an adult operator, but he stated that his investment will produce a 10-fold return eventually.

What makes Frank Schilling so special?

Farnk Schilling could become the first Domainer Cosmonaut!

It’s his ability to maintain a down to earth profile and his proven eagerness to assist with the domain industry’s ensuing problems. He is a much sought-after spokesperson and every domain conference is seeking his live advice in order for the participants to interact with one of the most solid personalities in domaining.

Frank’s known for owning a large number of food-related domain names, thus becoming a domain epicurean. 😀

So what would we like to see from Frank Schilling in the future? Here are some key points that Frank would most definitely address with his usual sense of Canadian humor:

  • An updated picture for his blog. If he stays longer in the water wearing cargo pants, he might catch a cold.
  • His own brand of rum cakes, called The Schillings.
  • His own airline that would connect domainers around the world, flying us to remote conferences.
  • A domainer’s trip to the moon and beyond!

Jokes aside, Frank Schilling is an indispensable authority in the domain industry and carries with him the knowledge and essence that many tech industry professionals strive to acquire these days.

Have a great Friday, Frank! 😀

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Domainer Profiles: Tia Wood

Domainer and developer Tia Wood

Welcome to “Domainer Profiles” – the third edition in an open series; we profile domainers with a humorous twist. If you missed the previous two chapters, make sure to read about Elliot Silver and Rick Schwartz.

Onto domain developer and investor, Tia Wood; a breath of fresh air, as she is both a talented female domainer and a devoted mother.

Tia Wood infiltrated the male-dominated domainer market by offering web site development services, database interactive designs and various creative work, through her primary web site, TiaWood.com

Those that have met Tia in person are definitely impressed by her ability to lock the attention of others; her blue eyes are merely a small part of her physical assets. By some odd twist of fate, Tia was born on April Fool’s day 😀

Tia Wood boasts to be one of the few domainers with a direct communication channel to uber-domainer, Frank Schilling, who acknowledged and praised her development skills on several occasions; the same goes for Domain King, Rick Schwartz.

Tia is not only affordable for the mainstream domain investor, but she also produces quality work, always delivering within the agreed upon timeframe.

Faith, Tia’s soon to be 12-year old daughter, shocked The Gap two years ago, when her letter convinced the clothing retailer to revert to their old logo. Tia’s homeschooling of her daughter ensures that Faith acquires many of her mom’s creative skills, particularly sketching and drawing.

Tia Wood has a goofy sense of humor, a big plus when dealing with grouchy domainers that demand work to be delivered “yesterday“. 😀 She is active on DNForum and also on Facebook.

Always cracking a good joke or delivering words of wisdom from a female perspective, Tia has contributed several articles in the early days of DomainGang 😀 We love her and appreciate all her hard work!



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Domainer Profiles: Rick Schwartz

Posted by on May 22, 2012, at 12:24 am 

Rick Schwartz visibly happy about the iReport sale – Photo courtesy of DNJournal.com

After yesterday’s coverage of Elliot Silver, today we continue our humorous ‘Domainer Profiles‘ series, with no other than Rick Schwartz – the Domain King.

Rick Schwartz started working at a young age and judging by his sale of Men.com for $1.32 million and Candy.com for $3 million (plus future earnings) he is one hell of a sales guy.

In fact, Rick successfully sold both cars and furniture as a traveling salesman. In different times, he must have been the Sofa King! 😀

Rick’s known for his fiery temperament online through his blog, RicksBlog.com, something that hints of Italian or Irish blood.

As a Freemason, Rick is aware of the mechanics of organizing his posts in staccato paragraphs, sometimes writing prolific pieces supportive of the domain industry. Currently, Rick is not very fond of Brazilians, due to the SaveMe.com UDRP that will hopefully be decided in his favor soon.

For several years now, Rick Schwartz produces the highly successful TRAFFIC domain conference. The few times that Rick Latona took over, Rick seemed to enjoy the quiet time and watched Latona handle the stress that comes with the package!

Rick is not afraid to openly acknowledge his domaining mistakes; the acquisition of Flowers.mobi cost a pretty penny, but the key is that Rick Schwartz cut the cord with his investment and moved on; however, we are not sure if he bought new dishes the following day to replace the broken ones! 😀

As a person, Rick is genuinely friendly, with a trademark smile and he is a great conversationalist. We recall the introductory “There’s some shrimp ovah theah, enjoy!” during the registrations for TRAFFIC 2008 in Orlando, Florida.

Rick Schwartz holds and manages a portfolio of 6,000 domain names – a drip in the ocean compared to Frank Schilling or Mike Berkens – but he’s proud to have been a pioneer, registering domains since 1996.

Back in the day, Rick was also hooked to 3D first person shooter, Duke Nukem, which he had to put down in order to focus on domaining. Apparently, Rick never played Doom, or he would not have been able to quit gaming! 😀

So what is that makes Rick Schwartz be the ‘Domain King‘?

Primarily, it’s his ability to instill vision into his business plans, to change route when things become unproductive and to stick to his guns; one of his favorite sayings is that “.com is king”.

And so is Rick. 🙂



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Domainer Profiles: Elliot Silver

Posted by on May 21, 2012, at 12:02 am 

Domainer Profiles: Elliot Silver

Welcome to the first DomainGang edition of “Domainer Profiles” – an open series describing the online footprint of domainers.

The series does not aspire to deliver plain and dry biographical information, but rather, a humorous approach that describes them best.

We begin the series with no other than Elliot “new dad” Silver.

After working in the financial sector, Elliot decided to stop working for “the man” and switched to focusing on his own business, domain investing and development.

Elliot’s online presence, through his blog ElliotsBlog.com has been that of quality, daily  blogging, that has earned him a high ranking status among domainers, and numerous encounters with trolling commentators.

Those that have known Elliot agree that his sense of humor is a couple of orders taller than his stature, and Elliot responds to jokes with sharp commentary. We fully expect him to respond to this post as well.

His domainer blogging focuses on his personal experiences with Sedo, Afternic, Escrow.com, Protrada and domainer conferences, alongside domain development experiences. Still, we would like to hear more news about his beer choices, something that he seems to enjoy alongside watching matches of the British soccer league.

Elliot has turned the “plugging” of his domain acquisitions into an art, that often evades the strict filtering that Francois has implemented on Domaining.com 😀

Despite his new status as a dad, Elliot finds time to blog about his primary “baby” – DogWalker.com – a web site that fits the busy, poop-picking life of millions of New Yorkers with dogs quite perfectly.

Often times, Elliot launches competitions with monetary rewards, a rarity in the current state of economy. Personally, we’d like to see him offer chunks of quality pastrami and other delicacies from the famous delis of New York City.

Through his web site, DomainQuestions.com, Elliot aspires to be the Ask.com of the domain industry; there seems to be a never-ending stream of domainer newbies that provide lots of entertainment to the rest of us 😛

Elliot Silver is active on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn – when he’s not busy with his baby, or walking his dog, Lucy.

We’d like to wish Elliot Silver lots of success in the future. Mazel tov!

This post is 100% True!

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Domainer Faces: John Berryhill

Posted by on January 21, 2015, at 3:50 pm 

Off we go with another chapter in the book of Domainer Faces, an open series of domainer profiles featuring personalities from the domain industry.

After featuring Adam Dicker and Ron Jackson, it’s John Berryhills turn.

“John Berryhill is an IP attorney with numerous UDRP victories; his responses often contain caustic humor that delivers the facts of each case effectively. John gets to spend time in the Caymans with Uniregistry and he’s a big fan of cycling.”


This post is 100% True!

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Domainer Faces: Adam Dicker

Posted by on January 16, 2015, at 6:39 pm 

Domainer Faces is a new, open series of domainer profiles, featuring the images of popular domain investors.

It doesn’t matter if one is famous or not, as long as they have worked in the sidelines for the greater benefit of the domain community, they will be – eventually – eligible to be featured in this series of short domainer bios.

After Ron Jackson, it’s now the turn of Adam Dicker, founder of Webcorp.

“Adam Dicker has spread domain knowledge to the masses, via DNForum and his educational courses. With more than a decade of active involvement in the domainer community, Adam is known for his great sense of humor; he’s also a great hugger.”



This post is 100% True!

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Rolling Domainer: Special ICANN 49 issue about Globalism, NSA and the Internet

Posted by on March 22, 2014, at 11:47 am 

With ICANN 49 ongoing in Singapore, the new issue of the Rolling Domainer is out.

Covering the ICANN push for a global, free Internet, as opposed to its tyrannic and oppressive 20 first years, the Rolling Domainer profiles Fadi Chehadé, ICANN CEO, in a ground-breaking interview.

“Definitely the mix of politics and globalism reporting that I’ve been waiting for!” remarked Edward Snowden from Russia.

Other articles in this edition include:

If you missed the July 2013 edition of the Rolling Domainer, click here.

Rolling Domainer – Special ICANN 49 Edition.

Rolling Domainer – Special ICANN 49 Edition.

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Dynamic domain development: Tia Wood on the Ugly side of Sexy

Posted by on March 3, 2014, at 5:08 pm 

Tia Wood‘s recent project has been as complex as an Arabesque mural; the experienced web developer from Florida is working hard to produce quality web sites.

We had a short interview with Tia on her latest creation, Ugly.Sexy, which she discussed in depth.


DomainGang: Tia, tells us about the concept behind your latest project, how did you come up with this idea?

Tia Wood: It’s simple, stupid: the new craze behind gTLDs requires some drastic development action. Gotta strike when the iron is hot, if you know what I mean! The idea arrived while I was cooking dinner, lasagna with mushrooms and needed a break from the kitchen.

DomainGang: Sounds fantastic, we also get creative ideas while showering. So how long did it take you to create Ugly.Sexy?

Tia Wood: About 25 seconds, or 45 if you count the time it takes to upload the image to the server. Other than that, SEO took about four hours of hard work, and I’m now #1 for “Ugly Sexy” for searches made from North Carolina, the Caymans or Bob’s computer.

DomainGang: No idea who is Bob, but regardless, aren’t you concerned you’ll have some competition from the .com?

Tia Wood: Seriously, who is going to spend $695 to buy the .com when I can build residual traffic on the developed Ugly.Sexy? Not to mention, that dot .com is rather unsexy, as far as branding is concerned.

DomainGang: Makes sense. How do you plan to expand and monetize Ugly.Sexy in the coming months and years?

Tia Wood: It’s a secret and I can’t share it with you. But you can sign up for my newsletter and I’ll let you know once this info is out, ok?

DomainGang: Will do! Thanks, Tia, for this in-depth interview about domain names and gTLDs in the dot .Sexy realm. Best of success with Ugly.Sexy!

Click here to visit Ugly.Sexythe ugly side of sexy.

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New gTLD: Francois applies for .Domainer with ICANN

Posted by on June 21, 2012, at 10:57 am 

Dot .Domainer will take over the domainersphere by storm.

French domainer entrepreneur, Francois, has done it again.

Not content with his operation of Domainers.org – an online repository of cryptic domainer profiles, Francois is going after the gTLD .Domainer.

“Well make sense, no? I apply for .domainer as business explosive, cax, ecop, dofo and domaining.com” said Francois while typing on his aged French Minitel keyboard.

“Win market for every domainer and give domains like Joe.Domainer and Bald.Domainer etc. so find home desire and business plan, absolument.” added Francois.

The dot .Domainer gTLD will give domainers around the globe the opportunity to register their own homebase on the Internet, without fear that some company might snatch it later on.

Only established domainers will be able to register domains, while opportunistic flippers and domain collectors will be shown the door. A certification process will be available for anyone willing and able to take the domainer test.

Francois intends to promote the Dot .Domainer gTLD extensively during the Summer Festival of Cannes – a popular destination of uber-domainer, Frank Schilling.

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