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‘Annoying SEO scam’

Got an email today from a John Stahl. The email reads:

John Stahl here. I just wanted to drop you a line and invite you
to be a link partner for our website seocopysoftware.com.

I’ve found your website with the “reverse google pagerank
algorithm” which indicates that we both would get better google
rankings, when we exchange links.

I’ve already gone ahead and added your site domaingang.com
to our link directory, could you please verify the description
before it will go life at …

When you are a white hat SEO expert, you write your own copy. Instead, this dufus sends the same crap over and over to thousands of recipients.

So after Googling this junk above, we found this page titled ‘Annoying SEO Scam‘:

“Just thought I’d share it with all of you have in case you have received a similar e-mail. I’m pretty sure neither Matt Cutts nor Rand Fishkin would approve of using the “reverse google pagerank algorithm” even if it did exist. When it comes to SEO, I’m rather safe than sorry and use standard white-hat practices.”

Nice! 😀

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