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DNForum.ca opens its gates to all Canadians eh!

Adam Dicker, owner of DNForum.com announced today the opening of DNForum.ca – a separate but familiar-looking domain community about Canadian domains:

“It is a free forum to post and read and users can upgrade to gold for added benefits.
All current dnforum members will be set to gold right away without cost, please email me your usernames and I will upgrade your account there. Use the same username and password as dnforum.com, you can change that once you login.”

This is great news for all Canadian domainers, especially after the so-called “battle of the Canadian domainers” ended recently.

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2 Responses to “DNForum.ca opens its gates to all Canadians eh!”
  1. jon says:

    I hope no one registers at all there. I hate the story where rich aholes think they own everything. DNFORUM is still a little bit generic I believe to claim ownership. DN is only an abbreviation for domain name… or did you not get that? HMM I think everyone did because that IS ALL it is. But whatever ,…. I guess if your rich you get your way in the court room. I know this world is full of crap like that so i’m definitely not in a majority here of giving a shit because who has time to just care about right and wrong the rich ahole got the name because it belongs to him… WHATEVER! There I spoke my mind

  2. Adam Dicker says:

    @jon – Way to speak your mind but the new forum dnforum.ca was never in the court room. So I am not sure what you are talking about. Good you spoke your mind though ;). Dnforum is a regsitered trademark in Canada and the USA.

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