Hank Alvarez talks about the Oversee reshuffling

Befallen Oversee executive, Hank Alvarez is sharing his thoughts about the recent reshuffling at Oversee.

Known for his involvement in the SnapNames scandal using the “halvarez” moniker, Hank Alvarez returned from the Himalayas a changed man and often shares his insight about domains and domaining.

According to his latest post at HankAlvarez.com

I am saddened when people are laid off, it’s an indication of bad economy at the micro and macro level. Hopefully, one day the workers will wake up and demand back what’s been taken away from them.

To view the full post of Hank Alvarez’s thoughts, visit his professional web site at HankAlvarez.com

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One Response to “Hank Alvarez talks about the Oversee reshuffling”
  1. BullS says:

    Dudh….this business is the biggest BS business of all time!!!

    While you smell the roses, do smell the doggie poop

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