More trademark violations listed for sale at Flippa

Earlier today we demonstrated how Flippa.comthe Australian domain marketplace – remained inactive after we pointed out how a Microsoft related domain was allowed to be listed for auction.

The response by the Flippa support that they won’t do anything to remove obvious violations of famous trademarks unless they receive a request by the trademark holders is typical of corporations that attempt to waive all responsibility from what is being listed for sale.

Some additional domains that are obvious trademark violations are currently listed for sale on

In particular, the Google ones are in the hundreds!

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8 Responses to “More trademark violations listed for sale at Flippa”
  1. BullS says:

    Thanks for caring but do your fellow domainer like M.Liton care?

    All they care is $$$$ in their pocket.

    All they care is their advertisers.

    If Flippa advertise your site, will you be bringing this out?

    DG the next president of the USA!!!

  2. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    BullS – We point out and comment on anything worth writing about in the domain industry. We criticize or praise anyone, regardless of their advertiser status with us. Done so with Sedo, Chef Patrick, Rick Latona and others.

  3. BullS says:

    That why I RESPECT YOU!!!

  4. Ben says:

    Your are amazing guys…

    “That why I RESPECT YOU!!!”


  5. Scott Alliy says:

    Not a Flippant fan. Not surprised to hear of their shortcoming and turning blind fee to trademark violation.

    Once listed a name on Flippa when I wrote support about irritating persistent mindless user comment posts Whig I had to keep deleting instead of helping me their paying customer they put the comment I deleted back live and blocked my ability to delete it.

    Will Not use or recommend their service again

    My 02 I am sure other domainers may disagree.

  6. Savant says:

    Ridiculous. They need to clean the place.

  7. Trademark says:

    I respect u too

  8. bob says: – the Australian domain marketplace – the German domain marketplace – the US domain marketplace

    All tar from the same brush if you ask me. I’ve had good experiences with all three when lodging a trademark violation complaint with them, all of which have subsequently removed the infringing domain from their respective marketplaces.

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