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Running CPanel? They’re actively anti-SOPA

cPanel, creators of the popular web site management software by the same name, are making a strong move against the SOPA bill.

According to the cPanel web site, Nick KostonCEO of cPanel, Inc.announced the following:

“We believe the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA) bills recently introduced by the U.S. Congress pose severe threats to the hosting industry as a whole and we ask that you take a few moments to understand why. […] To help in this fight, cPanel is donating $5,000 to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which has been fighting to preserve individuals’ digital rights since 1990. (https://www.eff.org). In addition, for every tweet our hosting providers post with the hash tag #cpanel4antisopa, cPanel will donate an additional $2.50 (up to a total donation to the EFF of $10,000).”

The entire industry is anti-SOPA!

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