BigFatDomainWallet : We’re transferring money to your Bank account!

Money for nothing and your chicks for free!

Money for nothing and your domains for free!

Dear Bob,

You recently asked us to transfer $2,552.48 USD from your BigFatDomainWallet account to your Bank of Scotland account, and we’re working on it.

Most of the time, it takes 3 to 4 business days, weekends and national holidays excluded, to make this happen. Your money is currently in cyberspace, floating around like Pokemon on the run.

Sorry about that. 😀

The truth is, we could have made the transfer instantly, like, in 2 minutes flat.

Optic fiber channels work at 100+ Terabit per second and with 2048 bit encryption you should be all set in under five minutes. Even if someone had to manually click to approve the transaction, you’d have the money in your bank account in one hour maximum.

Unfortunately, we at BigFatDomainWallet take our jobs very seriously, or we wouldn’t have jobs to begin with.  Our apologies if this lack of technological progress in domain sales hinders your ability to leverage your own funds efficiently!

Rest assured, that we are working hard to get your money where it belongs, safely and slowly. Expect it to be there soon, in the meantime feel free to use your credit card for any other purchase you must facilitate, as opposed to using cash.

Friends forever,


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