DNForum guide : How to find domain gems at the forums



Many quality domain names can be acquired at domain forums, such as DNForum and NamePros, at prices friendly to domain investors.

Buying and selling domains on forums requires a membership, naturally. So sign up at DNForum and let the domain hunting begin!

DNForum has been around since 2002, when a teenage student called Dan set it up to sell his own domains. Eventually, Adam Dicker acquired it from its previous owner who had bought it from Dan, and the rest is history.

Currently undergoing many improvements and changes, DNForum provides dedicated forums to buy, sell and trade domains, along with assorted forums on news, legal matters and general chatter.

While some of these require an elevated membership, it’s well worth it, as the type and quality of domains made available by DNForum members is generally higher.

That’s where the domain hunting begins.

By clicking on the New Posts, one can skim through the headlines of recent posts.

Typical DNForum New Posts.

Typical DNForum New Posts.

The majority of active DNForum members want to sell or buy domains. Some domains will be listed with a buy it now price, while others will invite offers. There are also auctions, but these seem to be less active.

DNForum requires that the domain name is listed in a post’s subject, so that one won’t be going drilling into a post for that “Remarkable generic for a grand!” only to find it’s for some lesser .IO junk.

The idea is to find domains that are priced below retail value. Many DNForum members are seasoned domain professionals that would sell to end users, but everyone wants to make a sale.

Domain sale threads that invite offers can lead to great opportunities, but don’t discount the option to privately negotiate with a member over a domain that was listed with a fixed price. Usually, making an offer within 20% of a seller’s asking price might get you the domain, or an opportunity to negotiate a “combo deal“, if there are several domains on offer.

Many DNForum members are known to offer brandable domains at low prices. If you’re after a brandable domain for your personal or business needs, the listings will pleasantly surprise you.

Avoid taunting the sellers in their own sales threads, to question or ridicule their asking prices or domains. That behavior will get you banned, and it’s typically for life.

On DNForum you will also find sales of domains that are being offered on external venues, such as Flippa or Sedo. Many times, a seller is willing to close a deal on DNForum, versus give the venues a cut, so negotiate wisely.

DNForum offers a great environment to buy domains and to sell as well. If you’re an active domain investor, you will definitely appreciate the perks and opportunities it offers.

For more information, visit DNForum.com.

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  1. Jamie Zoch says:

    I tripped over my keyboard and I think I missed out on that “good SEO metrics” domain TrueReligion-Jeans.cc and now I don’t know what to do with my self 🙂

  2. DomainGang says:

    Jamie – One’s job is to find the domain gems among the coal 😉

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