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Domain Tips & Tricks #1 : Off the cuff advice for domain investors

Domain Tips and Tricks.

Domainers dish out a lot of free advice on a variety of media; our new “Domain Tips & Tricks” series aims at giving solid, professional advice to domain investors worldwide.

No longer a game of dollars and sense, domain investing requires a serious commitment – not just spending a few minutes here and there, pretending to be a domain genius.

As long as one wants to succeed in the domain investing business, they must follow some basic rules that will provide them with a head-start and an advantage over the competition.

Here is today’s group of questions and answers:

Question: Do you have to be in the US to register a .com domain?

Domain Tips & Tricks : No. You can be anywhere: Nigeria, Laos, New Caledonia. Dot .com is for everyone with money in their bank account.

Question: How many domains can I register daily?

Domain Tips & Tricks : More than one, less than what’s in your bank account. Save some money for food.

Question: Is Rick Schwartz going to return to active blogging?

Domain Tips & Tricks : He says he won’t. We say he will.

Question: Can I pretend to be a blog commentator using a female name, if my name is really Bob?

Domain Tips & Tricks : Of course! There are so many female domain investors in the industry, nobody will be able to tell. Carry on.

Question: Is Frank Schilling really Satan, and does he leave burning, split-hoofed footprints that reek of phosphorus behind?

Domain Tips & Tricks : Probably not. We’ll have to check his carpet.

Question: How many emails can I register to contact owners of existing domains?

Domain Tips & Tricks : If you run a domain market place out of the Philippines, as many as you like.

Question: Can I make money selling domains to other domainers?

Domain Tips & Tricks : Yes. No. Perhaps.

Question: Is this really serious domain investment advice, or are you just yanking our chains bro?

Domain Tips & Tricks : It’s as serious and worthy as every other blog dishing out free advice.

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One Response to “Domain Tips & Tricks #1 : Off the cuff advice for domain investors”
  1. Jeff Manes says:

    Don’t forget the “appraisals”. When in doubt, throw a few appraisals into the CONversation.

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