Domainer buying guide: How to buy domains from Mike Mann


Mike Mann is a motivated domain seller.

Every domain selling venue has its secrets, when it comes down to offering discounts to their domain inventory.

Negotiating with the seller of a domain is part of the domainer culture of offering less than the asking price.

Just like car sales, never pay full price for the domain on sale, unless you’re after the Porsche of domains.

One of the most prolific domain sales venues is Mike Mann’s Domain Market.

Operating from, the domain selling venue offers thousands of domains at a variety of prices, some as low as $300 bucks.

Mike Mann’s flexibility in domain pricing signifies that he’s motivated to sell, as opposed to domain hoarding.

When placing offers at domains listed at, keep in mind that Mike’s flexibility runs out at $2,000 dollars; cheaper domains won’t get a further break.

Typically, domains at Domain Market get a 15% discount, although the highest discount ever given was 50% to one of their close business associates.

Mike Mann also professes to have invented the whole domain suggestion process.

To recap: Next time you are about to place an offer for a domain owned by Mike Mann, keep in mind the discount limitations mentioned above.


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