Domainers : 8 important things to do now that NamesCon 2016 is over!

Domain investors that attended NamesCon 2016 in Las Vegas had an amazing time connecting, exchanging ideas and forging new business relationships.

But we’re all human behind the “domainer” title, and it’s important to keep track of things once we’re back on our home turf, after so many punch-drunk – or just plainly drunk – days and nights in Sin City. 😉

Elliot Silver, Shane Bellone and his lovely girlfriend Cassady, with Paul Stahura.

Elliot Silver, Shane Bellone and his lovely girlfriend Cassady, with Paul Stahura, during NamesCon 2016.

Here’s a quick list of 8 things to do right now, before the NamesCon 2016 effect fizzles out.

  1. Send thank you notes : That great discussion you had with the Aussie domain investor or the media marketer from NYC, must be noted. Tell them how much you enjoyed it all and keep things on track.
  2. Type up all the notes you scribbled : So you took important notes and formed joint venture ideas on a stack of Tropicana napkins? Now it’s the time to type them up and save them in a legible format. Ignore coffee or salsa stains.
  3. Review your NamesCon 2016 experience : Turn the calendar into a report of what you achieved by attending the biggest domain conference of 2016. It will help you review any challenges you faced, even if it involves your dressing style and beverage tolerance.
  4. Perform housekeeping : While you were busy networking in Vegas, your domains might have been expiring. Hello?! Time to check all your pending renewals before you say goodbye to domaining by accident. Tax reports are coming up. Take care of all the things you put off in order to attend NamesCon. At long last, walk the dog.
  5. Follow up on product launches : If you were one of the chosen few to review, test, or otherwise try out a variety of products and services that were revealed at NamesCon 2016, now it’s the time to ensure you do your part.
  6. Re-evaluate your goals for 2016 : If you did your new year’s resolutions between January 1 and 9, NamesCon 2016 took place after that. Oops! Maybe some things have now changed, particularly with feedback acquired during the best domain conference of the year. Go back and do a clean-up.
  7. Regroup with your favorite team : Large cities host a larger group of domain investors, and regrouping in the coming weeks to discuss what everyone benefited from NamesCon 2016 will help navigate the road ahead. Plus, you’ll be able to wear your favorite domain tshirt from the conference.
  8. Keep the entire domainer community in your thoughts : Next time you disagree with one’s business modus operandi from behind the proverbial keyboard, remember that you met them at NamesCon. Even if you didn’t, chances are that you will do so next year, at NamesCon 2017.

Safe domaining! 😀

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