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Domainers: How to work for Uniregistry in just 4 steps!


Uniregistry is a great place to work at.

Founded by domain investor, Frank Schilling, the Cayman Islands corporation also has offices in California.

Uniregistry redefines corporate culture, providing a fun environment that is enjoyable and enhances productivity.

Its numerous employees all share something in common, other than dedication to the company, and we’re about to disclose that very secret.

Learn how to achieve that Uniregistry look for your professional photo!


How to become a Uniregistry employee: 9.5 degrees of separation.

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4 Responses to “Domainers: How to work for Uniregistry in just 4 steps!”
  1. You guys never disappoint!

    Or you can do it the old fashioned way: http://uniregistry.link/open-positions/

    We are looking for Domain Brokers:

    We are a fast growing technology company looking for hungry, talented, well versed, technically savvy sales people to SELL our products all over the world.


    Minimum 3 years direct sales experience (FLEXIBLE DEPENDING ON PROFICIENCY IN SALES)

    Accustomed to making 100+ phone calls per day
    Excellent verbal and written communication skills
    Experience with in person or on the phone sales
    Proficient in Word and Excel a Plus
    Proficient in any type of CRM
    Must be able to start immediately
    Flexible schedule

    Jeffrey M. Gabriel
    Vice President of Sales | Uniregistry
    Formerly DomainNameSales.com
    O: 1-800-818-1828 x 6261
    D: 1-949-416-2555
    S: JeffreyMGabriel

  2. Eric Lyon says:

    Hilarious! Nothing like a good photo cropping tutorial to start the day lol. It’s also nice to see that Uniregistry is seeking qualified brokers in the comment above. From my understanding, Uniregistry is a great company to work for.Good luck to all the potential candidates out there reading this.

  3. DomainGang says:

    Eric – The 9.5 degree angle makes all the difference. 😀

    Jeff – Thanks for posting!

  4. Data Glasses says:

    Hey that’s my sister

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