Got a viral meme domain? Sell it as fast as you can!

Covfefe domains.

If you were lucky enough to grab a domain name inspired by a popular meme or viral statement, sell it as soon as you can!

Sitting on such viral domains is a death sentence for most of them. Once the steam dissipates, the domain’s value is gone down the drain.

The Internet crowds retain a short attention span, and that’s the beauty of the viral meme game: it goes across the sky like a shooting star, and then it dies.

There is a certain time window during which, a lucky domain registrant, can take advantage of his possession.

That window lasts for a few days only, maybe no more than 10, during which a domain matching a meme or a viral keyword can generate an ample ROI when sold.

Unless, of course, one’s definition of domain ROI is a couple of $20 dollar bills; domain flippers often take an $8 dollar registration and are happy to net $20 or $40 bucks.

That’s not what domain investors do.

To recap: Domains such as, arguably the very best viral domain in a long time, fail to sell at max value, if their registrant waits too long to sell.

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