Instructions on how NOT to sell #domain names to other #domainers

Selling domain names to other investors directly, is part of the industry’s mechanics, and we’ve all done it at some point.

From early on, domain flippers intend to present and sell their “merchandise” to their peers.

Even later on, at large domain conferences, most domain auctions are attended by other domain investors, looking for an opportunity to invest.

There are some good and some bad ways to pitch your domains at other domain investors.

Today, we’ll cover those ways you should not be using in order to sell domains to other domainers! 😀

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  • Never mass email a bunch of domain investors. But even if you do, openly using the CC email option is a double no. If you need to reach out to a large number of recipients, customize each email and send it at different times, not all at once.
  • Don’t be pushy. A domain investor doesn’t appreciate pressure. Peer pressure only worked at high school at the most. Be polite, respect the other party’s limits. If they decline, no means no.
  • Don’t overprice. Every domain investor is looking for a good deal. Some investors look for exceptional deals. If you’re not pricing your domains with a “reseller” in mind, then don’t reach out to them – simple as that.
  • Do your homework. Many domainers don’t want adult domain names, for example. Even if you have the hottest domains in town, they might not want that genre.
  • Pick quality, not quantity. So you want to sell 100 domains, but only 10 of them are top notch? Then don’t send the other 90 out, because you’re doing yourself a disservice.
  • Don’t print lists and leave them around at conferences. That’s a waste of good paper and nobody cares for your littering.
  • If you call them up, do it at their own time, and seek permission first. What if someone called you to sell stuff at dinner time? That’s right, you’d hang up or worse.
  • Don’t flirt. That’s right, flirting with a potential client is the worst possible way to sell domains. Unless you’re looking to hook up, in which case, you won’t sell a single .mobi.
  • You might be better off waiting. That’s right: domainers don’t pay as well as end user buyers, perhaps you should sell your domains to them.

With a bit of practice, you will be able to sell your domains without becoming a nuisance to other domain investors! 😀

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