Leonardo da Vinci : Italian painter’s descendant pays Adam Strong a visit over domain name


Leonardo da Vinci

A old, bearded man knocked on the door of domain investor, Adam Strong, this past Tuesday, his balding head barely covered in long, grey hair.

Initially, Adam thought the man was a poor beggar and was getting ready to give him some money, when the man interrupted him abruptly.

“I don’t want your money, I want what’s mine!” he exclaimed.

Perplexed, Adam invited him in for tea and crackers, offering the old distinguished gentleman a seat.

“So what exactly are you here for,” asked Adam.

The man cracked his joints and took a sip from his cup of warm tea.

“I traveled all the way from New Jersey, my family is Italian, we are from Florence. My grandfather, Franco Giuseppe da Vinci was a baker man in Milano. Then they moved to America, in 1895.” said the man.

Adam looked even more confused by the man’s statements.

“That’s great. I don’t know anyone in New Jersey, so what can I help you with”, asked Adam Strong.

The man looked at Adam and began to cry, long streaks of tears following the contour of his cheeks, moistening his grey, bushy beard.

“Please, I beg you, my name is Leonardo, and our family history is in your hands. I saw you have the domain LeonardoDaVinci.com, and I followed the tracks to your place, using DomainTools. I noticed at NameBio that you also operate, that you bought the domain at a NameJet auction for $4,331 dollars. I will offer you $4,331 and one cent to get it, please Sir, kindly accept my offer!”

Adam Strong’s heart sank.

He had heard it all before: poor students, people wanting to start a blog, poor housewives on a budget – they all wanted one of his many premium domains; none was more inventive than this man.

“You’re saying your name is Leonardo da Vinci, and you are a descendant of the famous painter,” said Adam. “And you want to buy it from me for one cent more than what I paid, correct?” he asked.

Looking desperate, the old man wiped his tears and nodded.

Suddenly, Adam stood up.

“Can I see your ID please?”

The old man mumbled something under his beard, almost like cussing in German, and sprang up, surprisingly fast for an apparent septuagenarian.

“Screw you, damn it! I will get that domain name if it takes another 10 years! Yes, the previous owner didn’t let me have it, and now you’ve uncovered my attempt! But I shall be back!”

He dashed for the door, when Adam extended his foot, tripping the impostor to the floor; the man’s jaw hit the wooden floor hard. In the process, he lost the obviously fake beard, revealing a clean shaved face.

Adam walked up to the dizzy man, who was grunting and rubbing his jaw. He pulled the man over, only to be shocked by the familiarity of his face.

“Frank? Frank Schilling? What the hell did you think you’ll do man?” exclaimed Adam, helping Frank Schilling off the floor and onto a chair.

Frank Schilling rubbed his chin, and removed his bald wig.

“Sorry man, I had to try! LeonardoDaVinci.com is an awesome domain. I just had to try, no hard feelings?” said Frank Schilling, looking at Adam.

Adam laughed.

“I can’t get mad at you, Frankie, you know that. It’s the best ever attempt at getting one of my premium domains on the cheap,” said Adam. “At least, next time don’t park your Lucra outside!” he added.

They both burst into uncontrollable laughter.

“Don’t tell anybody, ok?” said Frank Schilling, on his way to the exit. He closed the door behind him, and drove off in his sports car.

Adam smirked, then started typing a long email to DomainGang.

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2 Responses to “Leonardo da Vinci : Italian painter’s descendant pays Adam Strong a visit over domain name”
  1. adam says:

    You have way too much time on your hands ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. DomainGang says:

    Adam – Kudos to you for helping Frank get back on his feet ๐Ÿ˜€

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