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MasterDating – Domainer Dating Package

Stay ahead in the dating game. Find available women easier and faster. Use the MasterDating package to research and conquer women that you can flip, hold or cuddle with at night. You can even use it to start your own “Dating” service.

Hi. My name is Tia Wood and like you I sleep alone in a bed at night wishing I could just get even a finger tap from a real human being. Our lives of solitude behind a computer screen day after day after day does not have to be like this. Therefore, I designed the MasterDating package so that we never have to face this problem again.

What is MasterDating?

MasterDating is a series of self reassuring flash cards designed to be a part of your morning ritual. It contains phrases such as:

  • “Relax. She likes it when you come to bed at 4am.”
  • “Some women like pasty white humans.”
  • “Internet was for porn anyway.”
  • “It’s not the size of your package but indeed the size of your domain portfolio.”
  • “.Tel IS the future of the Internet.”

What Comes Included with the MasterDating Package?

  • “Best Dating Lines” eBook
  • 1 blow up doll (gender of your choice) that you can practice your dating lines with.
  • 400 self reassuring flash cards
  • $1 off Match.com subscription
  • “How to Get a Life and Keep It” eBook

How Do I Use MasterDating?

It’s easy! Stand in front of the mirror each morning with your self reassuring flash cards. Practice repeating each phrase in the mirror at yourself and smile in the process. Your cognitive system will begin to process and turn these self reassuring phrases into positive thoughts and therefore give you a positive vibe. This absolute positive vibe is attractive to females.

MasterDating Support

I want you to succeed with the MasterDating package. If you have not found a date after 65 days of use, I will personally take you out on a nice, romantic date and tell you all the things about yourself that women refrain from saying to your face.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Am I Guaranteed a date with MasterDating?

A. Only if you follow the program on a daily basis. Especially pay attention to the “How to Get a Life and Keep It” eBook which outlines the following topics:

  • Chapter 1 – How to Get Out of the House
  • Chapter 2 – No, You Cannot Legally Marry a PC
  • Chapter 3 – Using Multiple Domain Registrars: Is it Cheating?
  • Chapter 4 – Avoid the DogHouse When Ogling Chef Patrick or Bido Models
  • Chapter 5 – Allow Me to Introduce You to the Sun
  • Chapter 6 – Screw This. Let’s Register Some Domains.
  • Chapter 7 – Just Marry a Female Domainer – You Won’t Have This Problem
  • Chapter 8 – When All Else Fails, The Internet is for Porn Anyway

Stay tuned for my next self help package: MasterBaiting – A helpful resource for all you fishermen out there.

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7 Responses to “MasterDating – Domainer Dating Package”
  1. Anunt says:

    Can you please send me the blowup doll ASAP…i would like to celebrate valentines day!

  2. Giovanni 'Crazee' Mossolini says:

    Is that avatar your real pic? If so, I can send two.

  3. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Blow up doll….is that when the female is from Afghanistan? 😀

  4. Allahu "Boom" akbar says:

    Palestinian you infidels!

  5. Patrick McDermott says:


    Does this MasterDating package work on an iMac?

    Much like your other offering elsewhere, MasterData, I can’t tell if it’s
    iMac compatible.

    i.e. KeywordPad which you reference in your MasterData offering only works
    on PCs, I believe.

    If you ever plan on offering a MasterBating program, please let me know.

    I’m always looking to improve my hand technique. 🙂

  6. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Patrick, manual data entry is called “hand technique”? As for the MasterData package it works on every computer ever invented.

  7. Tia Wood says:

    Patrick, you don’t have to use KeywordPad with MasterData. It was only a suggestion. You can use anything that allows excel or txt imports. Heck, you can even use Excel itself.

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