Mother talks about son’s domain addiction

Maria P. takes a deep breath, then sighs when she looks at the camera of Domainer Addicts Anonymous, a group formed to provide assistance to these addicted to domaining and their families. Counting well over 2,500 members across all 50 US states, Domainer Addicts Anonymous is the largest organization of its kind in the world.

“Bobby was such an extrovert kid, always playing outside with his friends when he was growing up. Then this thing happened, he was introduced to this menace called domain names. I caught him late at night, visiting online forums and registering domain names at – who’s is this daddy that preys on our kids?”

Maria continues talking about her problems dealing with her son’s addiction to domain names:

“After a while, Bobby started talking in his sleep; he’d say things like “Sedo traffic” and “I’ve got to flip it now”. At first I thought he was into some kind of new music group. Then it became worse; he’d skip school to snipe at domain auctions at 3:00 pm at a place called NameJet. I didn’t know what to do.”

As Maria explains her ordeal, other members of Domainer Addicts Anonymous sympathize with her, patting her shoulder or just nodding their heads. It’s still before noon and the sessions will continue until 4:30pm. A counselor is always present, taking notes.

“I just want my son back! I hate GoDaddy and their marketing campaigns of big-breasted women! Our kids are in danger, look at this mess!”, she exclaims.

We’ll come back to check on her session later on. Meanwhile, Bobby registers his 85th .com of the day.

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