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Rick Schwartz’s Domain Investing Christmas story

I was in the middle of my Christmas dinner preparations, when the phone rang.

Setting the spatula aside, I wiped my hands on my very manly apron with a pink “Domainer Chef” embroidered on it and picked up the phone; who could it be calling at this time on Christmas day?

“Hello, this is Lucius,” I said.

There was a short pause, then a man spoke.

“Lucius, brother – Merry Christmas. I have a tip for you and wanted to share it before domainer media picked up on the story.”

It was Kareem al Fadi, a domain investor from Karachi, Pakistan.

“Kareem, peace be with you, brother, what is it all about, hope all is well,” I asked.

Kareem could not contain his excitement, he spoke fast, maybe in an attempt to shave some dollars off the transatlantic phone call.

“I know which domains Rick Schwartz, the Domain King, is buying, brother, and wanted to give you a heads up because it’d be a great opportunity to invest in the same genre in 2017, God willing!”

The reference to Rick Schwartz caught my attention immediately; everyone respects Rick’s insight, even after the Flowers.mobi fiasco. I wanted to know, and thanked Kareem for reaching out to me.

“Of course, Kareem, I consider you a great friend. What is Rick Schwartz up to, these days?”

Kareem shuffled some papers and started speaking even faster. There was static on the line and I could not, for the life of me, understand half of his words.

“Share adlkjklwee .com and then shess’s.sss get the .net as well, sdanvn Rick’s acquisition of sdakjkj93034j sd, and he also is going after the vertical osdf asdfdfdkfsf….”

Frustrated by the garbage quality of the phone call, I told Kareem he needed to either call me back, or email me the info.

Surprisingly, he was clear this time around:

“Listen, brother, time is running out. If you don’t invest in those domains before midnight today, Rick is buying the entire domain vertical, and there is so much money at stake. Think wisely, and invest now, before it’s too late.”

My patience was running out, so I asked Kareem al Fadi to repeat those domains again.

“Sure Lucius, as I said earlier, Rick’s getting sslkdaldk0s0ad0asd assssssss …and the .com of the sasdadskdfsadsdjskjjdjjd with the total investment a mere $100 per domain, thassladlasll kaskdsalkasl a along with small portfolio of sdkaskjd9asduaiaiosdasdasda and .org too!”

This was just ridiculous.

How was Kareem al Fadi expecting me to understand which domains Rick Schwartz was investing in, with such crappy quality of a phone call?

I was livid.

“DAMN IT, Kareem! Just email me the damn list already, ok? I have a Christmas dinner to prepare, FFS! Send me the list in the email!”

Suddenly, and to my surprise, a bunch of loud laughter could be heard from the other end, and there was lots of noise in the background. What the heck was going on?

Finally, a voice familiar from TRAFFIC shows, spoke thus:

“Lucius, Merry Christmas, this is Rick Schwartz. Sorry about this little prank I played. These days, I get bored from not blogging about domain investment strategies, and decided to have some Christmas fun with you. No harm done!

Obviously, there are no sure-fire domain investment strategies to be shared, everything is a combination of hard work and willing to take risks. So do share that with your readers, my friend. Hope you’re having a fabulous Christmas dinner tonight!”

And with that, Rick Schwartz hang up the phone, leaving me with a pale-looking pork roast to finish on time.

I poured myself some more Chianti, and started writing this story hoping that every domain investor reads it.

Merry Domainer Christmas – from Rick Schwartz and I.

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