Seven points: Should you disclose your recent domain acquisition or not?

When registering or buying domain names, most domain investors want to flat out brag about it.

Did you beat Frank Schilling or Ammar Kubba in a NameJet auction? Good for you. Both domainers are actively bidding on expiring domain auctions.

But is it smart to announce exactly which domain you won and paid dearly for?

The following list attempts to justify whether you should announce your domain acquisition, or keep it a secret.

  1. Is the domain for an upcoming project that would be compromised? Then keep the acquisition private – as long as Jamie of dotWeekly doesn’t find out, you’re safe.
  2. Did you pay less than $500 bucks for a long tail .com? Then by all means brag about it; Elliot’s weekly list of acquisitions might add some ‘inches” to your digital peenor.
  3. Is the domain a borderline trademark or typo domain? Why would you acquire such a domain in the first place, is beyond us, but now it’s the time to STFU and keep it a secret.
  4. Are you planning to resell the domain in the future? Keeping its acquisition price a secret might render you a bigger ROI, as potential buyers can’t use that against you.
  5. If your domain is being used for an active project that you rapidly rolled out – think, Credit.Club – then rage on, baby! Tell the world how big your virtual schlong is!
  6. Do you regret buying that domain, and you feel that you overpaid for it? Then revealing the size of the hole in your pocket might get you some cash after all. List it on Flippa along with the best sob story you can think of!
  7. Does your wife know about the $15,000 bucks you spent on a domain that might get you $16,000 when re-listed? Then keep it on the down low, and buy her a nice piece of jewelry with that extra cash once you sell it! 😀

Of course, as everything else in domain life, your mileage might vary.

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One Response to “Seven points: Should you disclose your recent domain acquisition or not?”
  1. Ciperl says:

    If you DO want to brag about your acquisition… make sure you don’t lie about the price and what you paid because the truth will come out. Example: Josh Garza sent out a big press release about how he had purchased and now owns the domain Only after he accidentally made his Google Drive public did it come to light that he was simply paying $25K/month and was past due by several months. Making a big deal out of an acquisition can bit you in the butt if you are not truthful.

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