The 7 Dirty Words of Domaining

There is no FCC to control what goes in and what comes out in the domain blogosphere. Unlike television, the Internet is a relatively free, open medium.

The original seven words you weren’t allowed to broadcast on television, along with the background story on what caused their ban can be found in this humorous post.

But what about domainers?

There are certain things that would stir a lot of trouble when spoken with reference to domains, domainers or domaining.

Here’s our choice of those “7 Dirty Words of Domaining.

  • Lowballer – A lowballer is someone who knowingly underbids, openly or privately, for a domain that is much more valuable by industry standards. Example: “You’re such a lowballer, offering to pay $2,000 for my LLL .com!
  • Halvarez – From “Hank Alvarez“, the alias and bidding handle of former VP of Operations at Snapnames. Used to describe an insider, a shill bidder. Example: “Man, I think this Namejet auction has another halvarez bidding against me, look at these funny bids!
  • Pigeonshit – A domain of small value, as opposed to a generic. A term coined by domain king Rick Schwartz for domains with no selling potential. Example: “Your IDNs and long-tails are nothing but pigeonshit!
  • Flipper – A domainer that practices small profits for domains. When used in derogatory context, someone who is an amateur or part-time domainer. Example: “Bob is such a domain flipper, he registers pigeonshit and sells them for $20 a pop!
  • Minisite – A euphemism for crappy collections of 2 to 5 pages, an amateur attempt at adding content and AdSense to a pigeonshit domain. Example: “Minisites and mass development are meant to attract penny-pinching domainers!
  • .TEL – The ultimate bottom of the domain TLD food chain. Impossible to monetize, park or develop, .TEL is the only TLD that came out of ICANN while in pre-beta. Example: “.TEL fanbois are usually flippers, lowballers and register pigeonshit!
  • Zuccarini – An American businessman who served time in federal prison for violating the Truth in Domain Names Act. Used to describe someone that knowingly diverted domain traffic to pornographic destinations. Example: “Man, you got a zuccarini on me by sending me to visit!
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4 Responses to “The 7 Dirty Words of Domaining”
  1. nice list. especially PIGEONSHIT! it looks like you are counting this compound as a single word then? hmm., the intricacies of the pigeon lexicon 🙂 – PD

  2. #8- every domain you register will make you rich!!!!

  3. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    PD – If it looks like pigeon shit and smells like pigeon shit, it’s probably either pigeon shit or guano for the Spanish 😀

    BSD – What’s the *word* for people that issue those statements?

  4. Adam says:

    wtm ? what the .mobi ?

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