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Ten digit .XYZ domains : The next big thing arrives soon!

Who would have thought that “bigger is better” when it comes to domain names? The XYZ Registry definitely thinks so, and they are releasing the full range of 10-digit domains that can be used as phone numbers, to celebrate the company’s third anniversary. “It’s about time to conquer the entire phone directory with numeric XYZ […]

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Numeric madness : NNNNNNNNNN .com domains all the rage among expert investors

The Chinese are consuming numeric domains like Shanghai noodles; after going after LL .com, LLL .com, LLLL .com and LLLLL .com domains, the next jump is not as obvious. According to various domain industry analysts and numeric domain experts, the next big thing is NNNNNNNNNN.com domains. “Sales of 10 digit .com domains skyrocketed when China […]

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