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420beginner.com : One year old web site sold on Flippa for six figures

Who says you need an old domain to reap the traffic? The web site at 420beginner.com sold at Flippa for six figures, as a high performing Amazon affiliate web site. According to its seller, the $165,000 dollar sale was based on the following performance parameters: Traffic : 36,056 uniques per month Revenue : $8,097 per […]

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Marlboro + Marijuana domain = UDRP

Marijuana domains attract many domain investors, and there is substantial evidence that mainstream tobacco companies will be 420-friendly in the future. Capitalizing on this, some “enterprising” fellow registered Marlborojuana.com, an obvious amalgam of Marlboro and marijuana. Unfortunately, such blatant trademark use is frowned upon, and the tobacco giant promptly slapped them with a UDRP against […]

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