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Six figures: #Chinese auction house wins 864 .com auction at #NameJet

The NameJet auction for the premium NNN .com domain, 864.com, has ended, and the reserve has been met. The winner is user “first” at NameJet, which is a known Chinese domain auction platform, operated by Ename.com. Long associated with an unbeatable bidding record, the Chinese group of bidders, are pooling their cash. So while the […]

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No longer stolen : Domains 988.com and 864.com back with legitimate owners

The premium numeric domain 988.com is no longer stolen, as it has been returned to its legitimate owner, Mr. Luo. In June, we reported on the theft of 988.com that was facilitated using a number of persistent methods targeting the owner of this premium domain. At the time, the thief, made the mistake to announce […]

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Domain crime : 864.com reported as stolen

We have received a report that 864.com is a stolen domain name; the same thief controls the stolen asset, ASZ.com. The domain 864.com has been offered for sale to domain brokers in private. Independent reviews confirmed that the domain is not in the possession of its lawful owner. We also received proof that the same […]

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