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XXX domain cash: Really Useful grabs Tube.xxx and Tubes.xxx for $750,000

A new Press Release from the ICM Registry, managers of the adult TLD, dot .XXX announced the sale of Tube.xxx and Tubes.xxx for $750,000 dollars. JT, Chairman of Really Useful and formerly a founding member of YouPorn.com, has acquired the keyword category leading domains Tube.xxx and Tubes.xxx for an all cash deal of $750,000 USD. […]

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Facebook .XXX will offer new home to misbehaving members

One of the unique elements of dot .XXX is its clear and up-front statement: it’s adult. Even before its launch, the newest gTLD on the planet became the target of those that do not want users to peruse adult material on the Internet. But Mark Zuckerberg now plans to monetize the adult traffic of millions […]

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Black Booty Registry: Onslaught of Adult new TLDs to be arriving soon

You thought that the arrival of .xxx is the end of the road for the adult industry? While the triple-X Registry succeeded in its Herculean task to be approved by the conservative guard of ICANN, the next adult TLD application won’t face similar hardships. The reason is simple: once passed, a boundary becomes obsolete. When […]

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