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Someone just paid $510 for the “weed.com” IDN domain

Someone forked out $510 dollars for the IDN “weed” domain we covered yesterday. The eBay auction attracted 7 bidders, and 33 bids in total. Considering how the only way to view the domain is via copy/paste, five hundred bucks seems like a waste of money. Cherokee letters have been used in the past to pass […]

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AdWeek article rips dot .Global in pro-dot-com reportage

A new AdWeek article, titled “Why Aren’t Americans Ready to Go .GLOBAL?” delivers an obvious jab to the gTLD loins, alleging low adoption rates as compared to dot .com. According to the article by Anna Rohleder – who also writes about beer brands and mobile apps – the summary is subtitled “The rest of the […]

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