Jabulani.com – Can Adidas score a trademark case at the WIPO?

Executive summary: This is a tale of two identical trademarks, one for a soccer ball and one for wine. And while the oldest one is for the wine, it’s being used on the web against the ball’s rights. Jabulani means “to celebrate” in the Zulu language, spoken by 10 million people in Africa. Known for […]

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Bob Parsons is ‘a gift from God’ in Africa

Legendary GoDaddy President and CEO, Bob Parsons, appears to have gained extreme fame in the African continent. Recently married, Bob Parsons was seen flaunting a newspaper with the title being “Bob is God’s gift to Africa”. Nice humor, Bob. Many failed to realize the reference is to Robert Mugabe, president of Zimbabwe. That’s some great […]

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African Monarch won’t use the WIPO to claim domain name

Africa has long been known as the cradle of the human race, where the oldest known humanoids evolved from other primates, according to anthropologists. It’s also the place where mount Kilimanjaro rises above the horizon, where 26 out of 27 domainers recently ascended and home to several tribes, including the tribe that populates the Kingdom […]

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