NameJet: One more reason to become a verified domain bidder

NameJet attracts many domain bidders for its exclusive stash of domains from Network Solutions; these aged domains are inherently more valuable than domains that dropped. Competition among bidders on NameJet can vary, but typically it goes into the upper hundreds and well into the thousands. At that level, one must be a verified bidder in […]

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Newb domainers: Deleted domains aren’t “aged” or “17 years old”

A post proclaiming that the domain name is “aged” and “17 years old” caught our attention; its seller pointed us to in order to justify this inaccurate claim. Buyers that are being told a domain is “old” or registered in the 1990’s (or earlier) are strongly advised to take this type of sales […]

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Staggering domain collection turns up in France

A retired chocolatier and his wife have announced the availability of a rare, never before seen domain collection in France. Totaling 271 premium quality domains that date from 1986 until 1992, the most prolific era of domain availability, the domains are valued at a staggering $15+ million dollars. The chocolate maker who is in his […]

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