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Domain flags : Albania (.AL), country of Albanian domainers

We’ve rolled out Domain Flags, an informative coverage of national ccTLD domains. Yesterday, it was all about Afghanistan. Continuing with Albania, the country of Albanian domainers. The matching national domain of Albania is .AL and it was secured on April 21, 1992. Albanian domain investors are proud of their culture and history, and if you are […]

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Albania : Dot .AL ccTLD domains exceed 20,000 registrations

Albania, one of the smallest nations in Europe in terms of population, has crossed a domain name milestone. As a country of 2.8 million (2016 estimate) it has a small Internet community, and naturally, domain registration use. The Albanian ccTLD, dot .AL, was allocated on April 21, 1992. Domain registrations, however, began much later. As […]

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