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Sino-Russian conspiracy : Domains used to steal bank account credentials

Russian cybercriminals hiding behind fake Chinese WHOIS have launched sophisticated phishing attacks. Targeting owners of major US bank accounts, the attacks involve the registration of domains resembling those of financial institutions; most of these domains are registered with Chinese domain registrars. Chase Bank is one such example we covered; Wells Fargo is another such incident. […]

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Alert: Chinese registered domain Ameriban-extuess.com to phish AMEX customers

An email pretending to arrive from American Express is using a recently disclosed breach of customer data at Home Depot to phish for your personal banking information. Ameriban-extuess.com, the domain used in this phishing scam was registered with Chinese information, per DomainTools. Todaynic.com, the Chinese registrar where the phishing scam domain was registered on 9/17/2014 […]

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