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Ammar.com : Ammar Kubba returns domain to French photojournalist Ammar Abd Rabbo

Domain investor Ammar Kubba‘s initial shock, after discovering that the newly acquired domain Ammar.com was stolen, didn’t last long. Kubba acquired the domain ‘in good faith’, after its seller assured the broker handling the exchange, that the domain had been in his possession legitimately. Ultimately, award-winning French photojournalist, Ammar Abd Rabbo responded in public about […]

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Ammar Abd Rabbo : I did not sell the domain Ammar.com

In a shocking twist of events, Ammar Abd Rabbo, the French journalist and photographer that appeared to have been the seller of the domain Ammar.com to Ammar Kubba, disclaimed any such sale occurred. Ammar Abd Rabbo left a comment, stating: “Just to make things clear : I am Ammar Abd Rabbo, and I did not […]

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Ammar Kubba buys domain Ammar.com

Popular domain investor, Ammar Kubba, announced the acquisition of the domain name Ammar.com. Currently forwarding to his About.Me page, the domain name changed hands today, after being sold apparently by French-Syrian journalist and photographer, Ammar Abd Rabbo. Kubba did not disclose the sum he paid for acquiring his first name in a dot .com; it […]

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