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Megaupload.com no more – Owners arrested

One day after the global anti-SOPA protest by thousands of web sites, Megaupload.com – a popular repository of files ranging from music to video to pornography was shut down by federal prosecutors. The charges against the owner Kim Dotcom (real name Kim Schmitz) and three others who were arrested in New Zealand, include an alleged […]

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Tucows to take down entire software library in protest of SOPA

Tucows is mostly known these days for its Registrar business but since the mid-90s it has also created one of the biggest repositories of shareware software. In protest of the SOPA bill currently under discussion, Tucows will take down this monumental web site for a full day. “The proposed SOPA (and equally odious “Protect IP […]

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Video: The shocking truth about SOPA pushers

This anti-SOPA YouTube video already has amassed more than half a million views! Aptly titled, “Be a HERO and Help STOP SOPA Now!!” it presents the shocking truth about how avid supporters of the SOPA bill actively promoted and encouraged the use of file-sharing software. Watch below!

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