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Abdul Sakim Al Domayin : Switching from #oil futures to #domain name investments

Abdul Sakim Al Domayin, domain investor and sheik of Domainistan, a Middle East sultanate, is selling his oil rich assets effective immediately. After years of high prices for oil, today’s oil crash sent crude oil futures plummeting below the $1 dollar per barrel range. That’s much less that what a domain name registration costs, excluding […]

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Domainistan: Newest country gets UN approval and ccTLD

After two and a half years of non-stop negotiations and multiple meetings, the newest nation on the world map has its own official ISO 3166 country code. Dot .ds will represent the state of Domainistan, a sultanate of a few dozen shepherds and technocrats that aspires to plant its flag on the Internet map, before […]

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Emirate of Dujiia beheads domainer

The Emirate of Dujiia, a small (population 1,200) emirate in the Persian Gulf, became the newest nation in the world in 2010. Unfortunately, the 21st century appears to conflict with the traditions and prohibitions that the Bedouins of Dujiia observe. According to Al Jizzera News, the first beheading of 2012 was that of Ahmet Al […]

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