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It’s the end of dot .com era, according to a Brisbane publication

“Forget the dotcom era, its time for new top-level domain names – And new domain millionaires?” This bold tweet, made by Australian journalist, Lucy Battersby, links to her article in Brisbane Times, an Australian online publication. The article, titled “Old dotcom era gives way to new top-level domains“, introduces the publication’s readers to the brave […]

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Flippa CEO Dave Slutzkin voted as Top Aussie by The Weekend edition of Australian Magazine

The Weekend Australian Magazine, Australia’s top lifestyle and gossip newspaper insert for single women aged 29 – 59, has announced its much-coveted Top From Down Under awards. Honoring the domainer and entrepreneur community, Flippa CEO Dave Slutzkin won the Top Aussie Man category, with a score of 96.5% at a readership poll. “Crikey, it’s such […]

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Flippa & unpaid auctions: What happens when your bid was a ‘sore loser?’

Flippa.com, the top domain & web site auction venue geo-located in the land of the jumping kangaroos, has been going from strength to strength into 2013. Many domain investors that are interested in bidding on Flippa-listed domains and web sites, might be asking this question: “What happens when the winner of a Flippa auction does […]

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Seven figures: Domain Guardians very close to monumental deal for Aussie domains

A seven-figure offer was reportedly made for a portfolio of Australian domain names, under exclusive brokerage by Domain Guardians. Sydney.com.au is among the domains being offered as a package, which is being handled by Mike Robertson, formerly of Fabulous fame. News Limited of Australia states: “Mike Robertson […] confirmed a local media company had made […]

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FreeDrive.com sold for $30,000 – Largest recent sale on DNForum

DNForum – the top forum for domain professionals – can now boast the highest domain sale in recent memory, in a domainer forum. The domain name, FreeDrive.com and its associated content, has just been sold for $30,000 to a domain investor from Australia. In an era that looks down upon file-sharing web sites, such as […]

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Domainer sells his organ – The money was right!

Wayne, a domainer from Down Under, has announced the satisfactory sale of his premium domain, Organ.com. Registered in 1995, organ.com was listed on Flippa for several days with a BIN of $70,000; the domain received a high bid of $35,000 and five bids. Among the comments left in that auction, some were characteristically uneducated, challenging […]

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