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Show your Uniregistry pride: Domaining.com moved to the best new domain registrar!

If you’ve got it, flaunt it, they say – and Francois of Domaining.com fame definitely shows it off. 😀 We’re talking about Uniregistry, of course, the domain registrar currently managing Domaining.com, one of the many hot projects by the French entrepreneur. After years of keeping the domain at Moniker and then Gandi, Francois moved Domaining.com […]

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Godaddy killer? Exclusive first look at the Google Domains registrar

Our request to join Google Domains has been granted, and here is the first (exclusive) look at the new domain registrar operated by Google. After entering the access code, the control panel of Google Domains was made accessible. As you can see below, it’s quite basic, containing the options to view My Domains, Transfer In […]

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Seahawks drama: Richard Sherman’s “trash talk” inspires Name.com video

Name.com is passionate about its customers, but apparently the behavior of Seahawks cornerback, Richard Sherman, would affect everyone. In a new video parody, Name.com shows how badly anyone’s temper would be affected; the video demonstrates what happens at the Name.com offices in Denver. Apparently, even when you are in the top domain registrars in phone […]

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