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BoothPage.com #domain name gets #trademark registration at the #USPTO

Booth Bros, take notice, a new booth page is in town. In fact, Boothpage.com aspires to be a provider of services related to anything and everything that could be demoed in a physical or virtual booth. The application for the registration of Boothpage.com was granted in January 2021 and the mark BOOTHPAGE.COM is now registered […]

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#Evolve .com : From #Oracle to the Booth Bros #domain portfolio

The aged, ultra-premium domain, Evolve.com, has changed ownership. A domain asset previously owned by mega-corporation Oracle, Evolve.com was just acquired by domain investor, Andy Booth. The older half of the Booth Brothers shared the news on Facebook, with a WHOIS screenshot showing the domain in pending transfer. In recent years, the Booth Brothers approached Microsoft […]

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James Booth : BQDN.com founder moves Down Under

James Booth, domain broker and founder of the BQDN.com brokerage is moving, once again. The British expatriate has lived in Singapore and the Philippines extensively, and this time around he’s moving to the Land of the Oz, Australia. James secured his work visa for Down Under, allowing him to continue pursuing domain brokerage opportunities, while […]

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