British Petroleum to buy domain for eight figures

Not even four months after it was sold by B52 Media, the domain name is about to change hands once again, in a blockbuster, record-breaking deal – delighting the .CO Registry even further. The seller, Chinese investor Xing Xiang Xuong, is reputedly working on signing the contracted sale with oil giant, BP. “British Petroleum […]

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The environmental disaster in the Gulf is ongoing; nothing more devastating than the images of oiled birds at the Louisiana beaches. Meanwhile, BP attempts to mend their online image by purchasing dozens, if not hundreds of Google Adwords. The BP campaign has been criticized for its attempt to divert the attention of the public. One […]

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British Petroleum to use revolutionary new Adobe tool to clean the oil spill

Since the Gulf oil spill started roughly 40 days ago, oil giant British Petroleum has been using increasingly more aggressive methods to combat the pipeline gush that has been leaking more than 15,000 barrels of oil into the sea, daily. After the original attempts to place a huge metal enclosure over the cracked oil pipe […]

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