and : No longer stolen, #domains back with their owner

The saga has ended for the owner of and as both domains have been returned and are now in their possession. Both domains were at NameSecure, a domain registrar operated by After a long quest for their return, the domains were moved away from GoDaddy where the Algerian thief had transferred them […]

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The domains and were stolen and transferred away to GoDaddy by a persistent domain thief. The theft was publicized in February and since then the owner has been working with the registrars involved in this unlawful transfer to reverse it. Since late March, both domains are back in the original accounts at NameSecure, […]

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Stolen domains: and in the possession of Algerian thief

A persistent domain thief has usurped the domains and, offering them for sale privately and in public forums. The domain was used as the “trojan horse” to access, a premium three letter .com domain. Its legitimate owner, Brel Software Pte Ltd, were notified of the theft only recently; the domains were […]

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