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Bullsh-t .com : Domain King drops twenty year old #domain name!

Not all domains deserve to be renewed, apparently. After twenty years of paying renewal fees, the Domain King dropped the domain Bullsh-t.com. We didn’t censor the domain name, that’s exactly how it’s spelled, with the dash. 😀 Definitely a fun registration back in 1998, and as the dash is the only symbol allowed in domain […]

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Domain industry: No bullshit ™

There is a lot of bullshit in the domain industry. From claims of sizable sales under NDA, to ball-busting brokers bragging big bucks, to broken promises about PPC performance. But don’t worry, there is one domain industry company that cares, and offers no bullshit: Gandi. The French domain registrar changed its motto recently to “No […]

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Junkyard .XYZ domain fails to sell at Flippa

After a month of continuous bumping by its seller, and the use of the augmented reality that flaky registration numbers generated, Domaining.XYZ failed to sell. Hardly a surprise, as its seller chose to ignore all public and private advice about the actual performance of .XYZ domains. With more than 215,000 robo-registrations at Network Solutions, the […]

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