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Bullshit #blockchain project on #Baidu .bot #domain called out by #WIPO panelist

If you register the domain of a famous brand, such as Baidu, better check your bullshit factor at the door. The domain Baidu.bot, a direct reference to the Chinese search engine’s online “robot,” is being turned into some type of pseudo-cryptocurrency project. These days, crypto projects are a dime a dozen, and anyone can pop […]

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Domainers: 99.9% of polls are bullshit, according to a poll

A new poll surveying domainers shows that “99.9% of domainer polls are pure and utter bullshit.” New media company, Poll Pullers, conducted the poll via phone, between November 1st and November 21st, contacting more than 25,000 domainers in the process. The sample selected resided in the US, Canada, the UK, France and India. “We believe […]

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