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Burger King and Huge #Domains : Damn, that’s good!

Damn, that’s good. When used for emphasis, the word “damn” isn’t a mere curse. It amplifies the amount of goodness, in this case, and a Burger King commercial is using the word, not without controversy. Conservative group One Million Moms is not happy with Burger King using the “d-word” in a commercial promoting the non-meat […]

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POLL : Should Burger King get .Green or .Black for its Whopper?

The Burger King Whopper is one mighty sandwich, that is designed for the hungry man or woman who needs more. The energy packing goodness of the Whopper has kept many generations satisfied, but left some asking for a presentation change. Lo and behold, the A1 Halloween Whopper comes with black buns, and some interesting side […]

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The King is now past history

Some things take a while to change but change is good. Often times, we don’t understand the use of certain characters and what they represent for the industry. It’s remarkable that they stood in place for as long as they have, especially after inducing some painful and stressful results for several people. And unless there […]

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