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Smelling the .CO Millions!

One of the biggest .CO domains reserved by the .CO Registry is no other than traffic magnet destination for 2010 – Chatroulette! Yes, that’s correct: the domain Chatroulette.co was not pre-released and certainly not offered during the landrush. Bummer. Instead, the .CO Registry reserved the domain, apparently aiming to auction it later on – preferably […]

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When John Berryhill talks, the world listens

When we broke the news two days ago, it’s amazing how many domainers with uneducated opinions attempted to instantly crucify the original registrant of CamRoulette.com – the concept of ‘innocent until proven guilty‘ seems to not apply to those that possess mob mentality. The frivolous lawsuit against the CamRoulette.com registrant was thrashed by popular and […]

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More Chatroulette drama – This time to the tune of $150,300

There is a certain amount of curse involved with the popular web site, Chatroulette – where thousands of exhibitionists reside at any given moment of the day, for the purpose of “socializing”. Ahem. Attempting to capitalize on the huge traffic and popularity of Chatroulette.com a lot of people registered “roulette” domains, hoping to attract traffic […]

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